Training for the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative

Using Your iPad

The e-Learning industry was built upon Adobe Flash technology. nurse holding an ipad
With the introduction of the iPad, which does not play Flash natively, the e-Learning industry has had to adjust. An interim measure was to recommend the Photon and then the Puffin web browsers to play Flash on iPads. With the advent of HTML5, we no longer need to use Flash workarounds. Any course which has the html5 suffix can be played using a standard web browser on the iPad or iPhone. This does not mean that all web browsers play identically. At this time we strongly recommend using the Google Chrome web browser with our courses on your iPad or iPhone. It is available for free from the App Store. Also, all iPads do not play equally well. Early iPads may play very slowly or not at all. iPad Air devices with google Chrome display quickly.

If the course does not end in html5, then you must use the Flash workaround which is the Puffin web browser. It is also available from the Puffin website here